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The Peace in Christmas

May we all rejoice in the Lord, for our Savior has been born into the world. Today, true peace has come down to us from heaven.

Hi Everybody, Bishop Callahan here to wish you a Merry Christmas!

This year, I invite you to take some time to enter into Christmas through the eyes of St. Joseph as we consider his role in the Incarnation and his unfailing trust in God’s plan for our salvation. Despite the many obstacles and circumstances with which he was presented, the Church celebrates his heroic virtues and has given him many titles. At Christmas, I invite you to consider these three specifically: The Spouse of Mary, The Foster Father of Jesus and The Pillar of Families.

St. Joseph, in a very humble and obedient fashion, took Mary as his wife, despite learning she was with child. St. Joseph was given peace when the angel explained to him the message of the Incarnation and Mary’s role in salvation history. St. Joseph rightly bears the title Spouse of Mary and we can look to him for inspiration when we are faced with difficult situations.

St. Joseph is also heralded in the Church as the Foster Father of Jesus. As a Jewish man and well aware of the Messianic Prophecy, Joseph took on the role as the protector of both Mary and Jesus. God chose to have his Son come into the world into a family. St. Joseph was there to provide for His earthly needs and to name Him “Son of David.” Together with Mary, they cared for and nurtured the Son of God from the moment of His Divine Conception.

We look to St. Joseph as a pillar of families. It was Joseph, who by his constant care, gave us a perfect example and model of Family Life. We “Go to Joseph” in times of trial and also in times of joy. Entrust your families to the protection of St. Joseph and pray for his intercession.

As you gaze on the Nativity scene this year, pay particular attention to St. Joseph. Remember how he cared for Jesus and Mary so many years ago. Be inspired by his presence and strive to be more like him whenever possible.

Blessed Christmas to you – May you find the peace in Christmas!