Monthly Archives: December 2021

The True Heart of Christmas

As we make our way through the festivities associated with Christmas, try to take time to ponder the very action that we are celebrating; God became man. Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, came into the world as a baby born of the Virgin Mary and was cared for by St. Joseph. We remind ourselves each year at Christmas of how much God loves us, what He has done for us and how much He wants us to be happy with him in Heaven. Find some quiet time this season and think about the very action of our salvation, how it came about and how it’s meant to be lived out.

There are so many external distractions, especially at Christmastime, vying for our attention: glitter and glamour, goodies and gadgets; it’s so easy to get carried away. This year, I’m asking you to look inside your heart, consider how much God loves you and what you’re worth in the eyes of God. Ponder these words from Psalm 8 “God made man a little less than the angels, crowning him with glory and honor.” When God created humanity, he knew what he was going to enter into humanity through the Incarnation, He knew Jesus would come to lead us to the Father and He knew we would need to be reminded of His love so many times.

My dear sisters and brothers, God loves you! He shows His love at Christmastime and, He shows His love every other day of the year too. Help me to bring the love of Christ into the world not only at Christmas, but every day of this coming year.

My prayer for you during this Christmas Season is that you will experience the love of God in a new and profound way.

Blessed Christmas to you – May the love of Christ reign in your hearts all year long!