I was once told that an old Chinese curse was: “May you live in interesting times.” One may certainly consider the nuggets of Asian wisdom and mystery in such a saying – not to mention the truth.

We have just concluded two of the most “interesting” weeks in American history. The drama of national political conventions does provide one with a sense of the philosophical and social tugs-of-war that draw up sides every four years. These days were really quite extraordinary. Economic questions and solutions, policies and protocols made some of the strong head starts in the battle of wits and words; but it was the social structures, raked over and redefined, that call for reflection and attention.

I’ve walked away from these weeks with a renewed sense of some things.

First of all, God exists, whether we are willing to “allow” Him to or not – inconclusive votes notwithstanding.

Secondly, all life is sacred. No one may choose who may be born or how long he or she may live.

Thirdly, poor people exist and they need and deserve our attention. It often seems that the poor and marginalized always become the “soft middle” where these quadrennial tugs-of-war are played.

Fourthly, actions have consequences. People need to take responsibility for their own lives – for their real choices.

Shakespeare once compared life tragically to a poor player on stage (Macbeth Act 5); So many people have been blinded by the media, the sad metaphor may now have real believers.

Thus, we have these past weeks – “interesting” though they were …

But I will call this to mind, as my reason to have hope:

The favors of the Lord are not exhausted, his mercies are not spent;

they are renewed each morning, so great is his faithfulness.

My portion is the Lord, says my soul;

therefore will I hope in him. (Lam 3: 21-24)

… and I’ll see you at Sunday Mass!

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