Now, I’ll bet that some of you looked at the title at the top of this entry and thought that I was making some facetious comment about my life – not so. I really have some good news to share and I am quite joyful about it.

I originally planned to report to you about the Wisconsin Catholic Conference (WCC) meeting earlier this week with the various leaders of Consecrated Women Religious of our state. It was quite a vigorous and splendid meeting. It was set on our agenda a year or so ago before the news of the recent developments between the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and various offices in Rome. Our meeting was meant to assist the Bishops and the Sisters to gain some common ground in our communication about issues and our openness to further dialogue and discussion about our mutual concern and love for the Church at large and especially here in Wisconsin.

It was a cordial and fruitful meeting that produced some great suggestions for further pooling of ideas and sharing concerns for collaboration and expressions about our lived Catholic faith and various means of getting those points across to the faithful. It was clear that all of us found the meeting stimulating and productive. Future plans for other meetings and “trickle-down” events from this one are in the offing.

While attending the meeting of the WCC in Milwaukee, I was pleasantly informed by Bishop Morlino of Madison of the news concerning our dear Monsignor Robert Flock being named by Pope Benedict XVI as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cochabamba, Bolivia. This, of course, is a major blessing for our diocese and another indication of the great work that is being done in our mission areas of Bolivia and Peru.

I’ve recently visited Bolivia as I told you several weeks ago. The travel was rigorous, but I am ready to go again – this time with Archbishop Listecki, our former Bishop – and, I’m sure, some classmates of Bishop-elect Flock.

The news of Bishop-elect Flock’s new status continues to enliven the prayers and hopes we have for all of our diocesan works in South America. We will be announcing soon the formal opening of the Cause for the Beatification of Father Joe Walijewski. The news about Bishop-elect Flock is another validation of the good work established by Father Joe and continued by our priests over the years. Our prayers and best wishes are with you, Bishop-elect Flock!

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