Celebrating Catholic Education

I don’t think it’s a big secret to anybody that I am a big fan of Catholic education and that I am concerned about the impact Catholic education has on our society. Our work in Catholic schools promotes the positive understanding of how Catholic schools advance spiritual growth, academic scholarship, and good citizenship for you, the future generation of our beloved country and the growth of understanding for people of good will in our everyday lives.

Catholic education allows Christ to be present in everything we do each day.  In our schools you not only achieve academic excellence but together we foster a spirit of community and service. When you serve in the name of Jesus, you are letting His love shine forth through your actions. You are also learning how to be leaders in your church and communities.

I will be traveling through our Diocese to celebrate the Mass at many of our Catholic schools and spending some time visiting with you and praying with you during Catholic schools’ week.

I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of you who promote and work for the advancement of Catholic schools in our Diocese. In addition, I thank all of you good young people, our students. You, your parents, and your teachers make our Catholic schools such a great gift to our community. Finally, thanks to our priests and deacons, your support means so much to me personally.